Choosing the perfect award

We all love to be recognized. Each of us wants to know that we’re a valued part of an organization, that we’ve done a good job, or have achieved some success in academics, sports, business, or other field of endeavor. Giving recognition is a powerful means of rewarding effort, saying thanks, building loyalty, or encouraging higher performance. Tangible awards, such as plaques, trophies, and personalized gifts have all proven effective in showing recognition, even better than cash or gifts.

It’s important to select the appropriate kind of award. To best do this, you must be aware of its purpose.

What do you want the award to do?

Show gratitude?

Recognize membership?

Mark service or dedication?

Encourage achievement?

Reward accomplishment?

Do you prefer to emphasize the activity, contest, or competition for which the award is given—or the group giving the award?

Do you want to create a common bond or mark someone for distinction?

You can symbolize the achievement itself, highlight your organization’s identity or match the personality of the recipient.

In deciding whether to give a plaque, trophy, pin, desk accessory, or other item, keep in mind that an appropriate award is:

Representative of the accomplishment

Attractive enough to keep in the recipient’s home or office

Consistent with the purpose and image of the organization presenting it

Right for the activity and the level or importance of the achievement

In line with the organization’s budget

Well crafted with quality materials

Here are of some popular recognition items:


First choice for achievement and volunteer recognition awards, plaques are available in walnut, cherry, and other beautiful woods, in various sizes and styles.

Medals, medallions, & pins:

Special designs are available for sports and school activities, plus many professional, community and volunteer awards.

Desk accessories, clocks, & pens:

Personalized with names or logos, these items are popular for corporate recognition, service awards and member recognition.

Custom awards:

These unique items are built to order. They may incorporate glass, acrylic, wood, stone, or other special materials ( even your products and photographs ) to produce one-of-a-kind artistic awards that your recipients will treasure.

Whatever the budget or need, we’ll help you find that special award that’s right for those you want to recognize— and for you.

Our showroom and catalog offer a wide variety of awards, engraving methods and ideas. You’ll discover attractive and distinctive awards perfect for your needs. Email, call, or stop by Laser Accents. We’ve got ideas, samples, and quality service when you need it.

When deciding what to write on the award includes:

The Recipient:  This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to mention. The person receiving the award should have their first and last name appear on the award, as well as their position title if applicable.

The Presenter: The individual or company presenting the award can also be chosen to appear on the award. Companies often choose to engrave their logo and may include an additional presenter, such as a president or chairman.

The Reason: The reason for presenting the award is also very important to include. The wording can vary from one phrase or sentence or paragraph in length, depending on the size of the award given. A common way to introduce the reason is to use phrases like: “In recognition of,” “In Honor of,” etc.

The Location: This can be where the award was presented, where the achievement occurred, or the department of the company in which the person worked.

The Date: Depending on the award, this can be the date the award is presented, the years of service, or the date during which the recognized achievement occurred.