The Power of Creating Uniqueness in Your Tokens

Ever anticipated getting a big star stamped on your paper when you were in Prep School? This may not be as important nowadays but back then, this meant a lot to you. This served as a recognition that your hard work paid off. This is a proof that you managed to do a job well done once upon a time. After all, these are what awards are about – concrete things that mark the milestones in your life.

Tokens of recognition can take many forms. It could be a plaque, medal, trophy, pin, or even a certificate. Many institutions have long time ago adopted them for their use. As such, as the demand for them emerged, many establishments chose to invest in creating a supply for them. In fact, now you can even grab the general variant of these tokens from the local Target in your area. Hassle-free. Easy job for you.

So why is there still a need to leave your brand in the tokens you give away?

To preserve its uniqueness

Like what was previously mentioned, tokens of appreciation or recognition serve as a marker. How can you make these marker unique other than putting your company’s signature on them, right? Otherwise, the recipient won’t be able to determine which token is which, and which award came from your company. The award you are going to give should be recognized with just one glance.

To give individuals the motivation to strive harder

A medal or trophy is always something to look forward to. But give it a unique touch, and it will be something to strive for. Who’d want a medal that even they can easily buy from the local malls? Admit it. At the end of the day, even if the thought that counts, the look of the tokens you give away matters.

To give impression that the award is personal

It is flattering enough when you receive an award. But that would be ten-fold if you actually see your name embossed or engraved on it. That is the proof that the award is really yours and cannot be coveted by others. It helps too if there is some sort of a symbol or writing which depicts explicitly what that award is for.

To give your institution its own branding

Ever thought why prestigious award-giving bodies such as the Grammy’s and Golden Globes never change the trophies they give out totally? For instance, Grammy’s always has that trophy which depicts a gramophone ever since it started. Although it has changed over time slightly in size and composition, the popular gramophone is still there. As such, when you see such sitting on a shelf of your neighbor, you’d immediately know where it is from and the purpose it serves. And that’s what is important especially among big companies.

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